Is on-site opportunity a better option for me?
Will an MBA improve my chances of climbing the corporate ladder?
Are you aware of your strengths and talents?
What computer course can help me get a job quickly?
Is it possible to be successful in a job I don't enjoy?
What do you want to do with your future?
Are you mostly doing things that you don't enjoy?
Can I find a job that lets me do what I enjoy doing?
Do you often think about family while at work and vice versa?
Why can't I find time to pursue my passions and interests?
Are you stuck in a job because no company can match your current salary?
Are you from a non-IT background and wondering whether to join IT?
Instead of wasting time looking for a job should I pursue higher studies?

Questions shape Decisions, Decisions shape Destiny!

Are you pondering over questions like the ones above?

If so, you have come to the right place.

Firespike helps young people like you find answers to life-changing questions like these and many more.

Answers that Spike the Fire within, and help live a fulfilling life!


Provide holistic learning and un-learning programs specially designed for the younger generation and

  • De-school them out of their limiting beliefs and deep seated myths
  • Give them some essential tools, help develop a positive attitude, broaden their horizons
  • Help them realize their potential and lead purposeful lives


We started Firespike because

  • We have a strong affinity for working with people
  • We realize nothing could be more fun and fulfilling than having a full-time job responsible for helping others learn & grow rich
  • In the past when we did something similar we were amazed by the results


Our approach is based on:

  • One-on-One conversations; every person is unique and needs to be treated as such
  • Immersive learning activities; doing is the best way to learn
  • Focus on applying the knowledge than just acquiring it
  • Stretching people & pushing them outside their comfort zones
  • Asking questions than giving ready-made answers